Triplets Who Married Wives Same Day Welcome Baby Boys Within Same Period

Triplets welcome baby within same period after wedding

It is a time for rejoicing after triplet brothers welcomed baby boys within the same period after their wedding.

The triplets Chinedu, Chukwuebuka, and Kenechukwu Onyia got married to their wives the same day in Enugu state.

The three sets of couples went viral after photos of their wedding ceremony circulated on social media.

At first, it was alleged that the ladies were triplet, too. But it’s been confirmed that they aren’t as they hail from different parts of the Eastern state in Nigeria.

According to new reports from the family, the wives of the triplets; Mary Dumalu, Okwuoma Chekwube, and Chinwendu Charity gave birth to baby boys for their husbands’ within the same period of time.

The brothers said that it was their late mother’s wish that they get married the same day but sadly, she isn’t alive live to witness the joyous occasion.

The eldest of the triplets, Chinedu, said ;

“It was our wish, while we were growing up, to have it like that. It was also our mum’s wish for us to marry at the same time. She always imagined the three of us getting married on the same day. She felt it would look very nice and prayed for it to happen because it was not going to be easy for all of us to be ready at the same time.”

“Our mother died in 2013 so, unfortunately, she wasn’t there to witness it. If she were alive, she would have been excited. I know she would have gone down on her knees to thank God for answering her prayer and making her wish come true”.