Nkem Owoh Announces B urial Date For 24-Year-Old Daughter

Nkem Owoh Aka Osuofia Announces Burial Date For 24-Year-Old Late Daughter

In a public announcement on Friday, Osuofia’s family announced that Kosiso would be buried on August 24 in Amagu village, Udi town, Udi local government, Enugu State.

It read: “The family of Nkem Owoh (Osuofiasn) of Umunevo Owonta of Umungwu clan in Amagu village, Udi town, Udi local government, Enugu State regrets to announce the death of our daughter. The deceased will be buried on August 24.”

Nkem Owoh Osuofia Called Out Over Daughter’s Death

Nkem Owoh had faced accusations in July regarding his alleged neglect of his family, which was said to have tragically contributed to his daughter’s passing.

Following her death, a man who claimed to be closely associated with the actor’s wife shared a video where he alleged that Nkem Owoh had shown neglect towards his family and had refused to fulfil his responsibilities as the head of the household.

The accuser, who brought up the actor’s focus on his career, accused him of prioritizing his professional pursuits over his familial duties.

This disregard, according to the individual, resulted in the sad demise of Nkem Owoh’s daughter, Kosisochukwu, who valiantly battled liver cancer.

The daughter allegedly made numerous pleas to her father for financial support for overseas medical treatment, but these requests went unanswered until her tragic passing.

The accuser further stated that whenever Nkem Owoh was sought for aid, he consistently cited his busy schedule due to his commitments on movie sets.

The man also revealed that Nkem Owoh and his wife had been estranged for over 15 years, leading to the actor abandoning his children under their mother’s care.