“I made a silly mistake back then

A Nigerian man  has caused a buzz by sharing WhatsApp conversations with his ex-girlfriend, Oyinlola after posting a status update about his new car.

In a series of chats that have since gone viral, Oyinlola initially reached out to Davies in disbelief, seemingly trying to confirm the authenticity of his new car.

However, what started as a casual exchange quickly evolved into a heartfelt attempt by Oyinlola to mend their broken relationship.

Davies, however, remained steadfast in his response, reminding Oyinlola of her decision to end their relationship, citing her need for peace at the time.

"I made a silly mistake back then" - Lady causes a stir as she begs her ex-boyfriend to take her back after he bought a new car"I made a silly mistake back then" - Lady causes a stir as she begs her ex-boyfriend to take her back after he bought a new car

His confusion was palpable as he questioned Oyinlola’s sudden interest in reconciling.

As the conversation continued, Oyinlola candidly admitted to having made a mistake by breaking up with Davies and disclosed that her most recent relationship had lasted no more than a month.

Despite this revelation, Davies maintained his position, suggesting that they could remain friends but not reignite their romantic involvement.

The entire conversation has captivated social media users.

Netizens Reactions…

@TreyutdzVibe said; “Omo I like how the guy clear me straight. “We can be Knacking oo but nothing like dating oo. “And she agree.”

@cryptofreshb said; “Gold digger spotted .. don’t ever let her back.. let her regret it for the rest of her life… If u wan still lash am.. lash am and give am 2k or 3k.. but don’t ever let her back in.. make she dy see another person for d car.”

@Theimpeccable5 said; “Well all things being said. “Reduce the alcohol intake, or if you can cut it totally, pity your liver.”

@oyindaelizabet1 said; “She has wanted to say this before she saw the carThe girl na ashawoI don’t know how girls go back to beg their exes cause can never be me…after monthsmehnn.”

@bolabakess said; “For my life na man Dey beg like this,Wch one be woman own,omooooo.”

@favouritecapguy said; “Naija babes sha , nothing wey we no go see, so what if no be you get the car, naso she for don chop am go wan come back together cause of car.

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